What is a Baby Kangaroo Called: Complete Guide

What is a Baby Kangaroo Called

A baby kangaroo is called a joey. They are born very small and underdeveloped compared to other mammals. The joey will then climb into its mother’s pouch where it will stay for several months while it continues to grow.

Development Inside the Mother’s Pouch

Gestation Period

The journey of a baby kangaroo, known as a joey, begins long before its actual birth. Kangaroos have a relatively short gestation period of around 31 to 36 days. Read about How High Can a Kangaroo Jump

Birth and Entering the Pouch

Upon birth, the tiny, underdeveloped joey, no larger than a jellybean, crawls into its mother’s pouch. The mother kangaroo has two uteri and can nurse two joeys simultaneously, one in the pouch and another developing in the womb.

Life Inside the Pouch

joey Inside the Pouch
joey Inside the Pouch

Feeding and Growth

Inside the pouch, the joey attaches itself to one of the mother’s four teats and remains latched onto it for several months. The mother’s milk provides all the essential nutrients for the joey’s growth and development. Discover about How Fast Can a Lion Run

Interaction with the Mother

The pouch serves as a warm, cozy haven for the joey, where it spends the initial months of its life. The mother kangaroo nurtures and protects her joey, ensuring its well-being within the pouch.

Gradual Emergence from the Pouch

Exploration and Learning

As the joey grows, it gradually starts to venture out of the pouch, albeit intermittently. These exploratory excursions allow the joey to familiarize itself with its surroundings and hone essential survival skills.

Naming the Baby Kangaroo

Origins of the Term “Joey”

The term “joey” originated from Australian slang and has become the widely accepted term for a baby kangaroo. Its usage reflects the endearing nature of these young marsupials and their significance in Australian culture.

Unique Adaptations of Baby Kangaroos

Baby kangaroos exhibit several unique adaptations that aid in their survival and development. From their strong forelimbs for climbing into the pouch to their instinctual behavior of seeking the safety of the mother’s pouch, these adaptations showcase the remarkable evolutionary journey of kangaroos. Learn about How Long Can a Cat Go Without Eating

Significance and Adaptations

Unique Characteristics

Baby kangaroos exhibit several unique adaptations to their environment, including their small size, underdeveloped limbs, and reliance on their mother’s pouch for protection and nourishment.

Survival Strategies

Despite their vulnerable beginnings, joeys possess innate instincts that aid in their survival. From instinctively seeking refuge in the mother’s pouch to gradually transitioning to independent foraging, baby kangaroos display remarkable resilience.

joey with his mother
joey with his mother


In conclusion, a baby kangaroo is affectionately referred to as a joey, reflecting its endearing presence in the vast Australian wilderness. From its humble beginnings within the mother’s pouch to its eventual emergence as a self-sufficient marsupial, the journey of a joey exemplifies the marvels of nature and the resilience of life.


  • Do all kangaroo species have pouches for their young?
    • Yes, all kangaroo species are marsupials and possess pouches to nurture their offspring.
  • How long does a joey typically remain in its mother’s pouch?
    • A joey may stay in its mother’s pouch for up to several months, depending on the species.
  • Can joeys survive if they are removed from their mother’s pouch prematurely?
    • Unfortunately, joeys removed prematurely from their mother’s pouch face significant challenges and often struggle to survive without maternal care.
  • Are there any risks associated with a joey venturing out of the pouch?
    • Yes, venturing out of the pouch exposes the joey to potential dangers such as predators and environmental hazards. However, this exploration is essential for the joey’s development and learning.
  • How do joeys adapt to life outside the pouch?
    • Joeys gradually adapt to life outside the pouch by honing their motor skills, foraging abilities, and social interactions with other kangaroos.

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